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Building Hours

The Pace's Place is available to be scheduled between these times: Saturday-Sunday: 9:00 am -10:00 pm

{Additional time can be arranged if needed). The space can be reserved for an entire day or a part of the day.

Changes in Reservation Requests

Contact Pace's Place at to make any changes to your reservation. Changes can be made to a reservation up until a week prior to the reservation date.


Pace's Place should be notified of any reservation cancellation as soon as possible. Please be aware that your group may still incur charges if the reservation order is cancelled based on the guidelines below: Affiliated, Non-affiliated, and University departments:

  • month prior to confirmed date: 100% of the cost

  • weeks prior to confirmed date: 50% of the cost Less than 1 week prior: 0% of the cost

Any customer who fails to cancel a facility/service order within the required time will remain responsible for all fees associated with using the facility (e.g., facility space, technical equipment, staffing, etc.)


Candles and incense are not permitted in Pace's Place. Exception: Catering may be allowed to provide candles for catered events on a case-by-case basis.

Damage, Theft, and Vandalism

Persons responsible for any acts of damage, vandalism to the premises, or removal of items from Pace's Place will be referred to the authorities and will be held accountable for their actions. Anyone witnessing a crime or act of vandalism should call 911 to report the incident.


Pace's Place follows all local, state, and federal emergency regulations, is committed to the safety and security of all persons in the building and has developed appropriate emergency procedures. In the case of an emergency (e.g., fire, inclement weather, or bomb threat), people in the building are asked to follow directions provided by the Pace's Place staff /Operations Manager and public safety personnel.

Lost & Found Policy

Pace's Places assumes no liability for loss. misplaced, stolen, or damaged valuables or belongings. If you discover that you have left behind something of value to you, please call us immediately and we will try to assist you in locating your lost item.

Found Items

Pace's Place is not responsible for any item left behind by a guest. However, any item, except for perishable items, left behind by our guests and found after departure by Housekeeping will be collected, logged in, and kept in a secure location for collection by the owner for up to fourteen (14) days. A reasonable effort will be made to notify the guest that an item has been found.


Parking is available onsite for up to 60 vehicles. Offsite parking is available at the Timonium Light Rail Station. The transportation of guests is the responsibility of the booking client.


Organizations or outside clients may post the address of Pace's Place prior to their event for safety purposes. Prior to the event the address will be given to the client and sponsor. All information posted on the property or social media must be removed by an organization or outside clients following the conclusion of retreat or event.

Responsibility for Personal or Organizational Property

Pace’s Place is not responsible for loss, theft, or damage of personal or organizational property.


It is recommended that the client retain a one-day rider policy for any unforeseen accidents or personal property damage. Pace's Place will not be responsible for the guest’s personal and or property damage or claims.

Smoking/Tobacco Products

All guest rooms and public spaces are 100% non-smoking, except in the designated smoking areas. For safety and to assure that our facility is not exposed to items or actions that create an odor which is unhealthy and objectionable to our guests and staff, and that is difficult to remove from the air, carpet, walls, and furniture, we do not permit smoking tobacco, marijuana, e­ cigarettes, vape pens, vaping, cartridges containing the liquid of nicotine, hookahs, incense, cooking, cigars, candle burning, the use or diffusing of patchouli oil or other strong-smelling plant­ based essential oils or synthetic products in our facility. A smoking fee of $250 per stay will be applied when necessary.

Technology Use and Requests

Pace’s Place is equipped with wireless internet. A projector and laptop and a 60-inch screen are available upon request. There are also other supplies available such as large post- it notes, markers, and whiteboards. To request any of these items for your retreat at Pace's Place, please fill out the proper section of the request form designated for equipment needs.

  • Complimentary video/audio equipment (podium $30/day, flipchart w/ markers $35/day

  • Additional flipchart pads $25 each

  • Extension cord $5/day

  • Power strip $5/day

To request any of these items for your visit at Pace's Place, please fill out the appropriate section of the Reservation. Request Form designated for equipment needs.


To reserve a time to use Pace’s Place, a group or organization must complete the Pace's Place request form which is available through our website The request must be submitted at least 14 days prior for one-day accommodation, 30 days for overnight, and multi-day operations.

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